IDSA Congratulates Engineering on achieving IDS Certification for TRUE Connector

Apr 29, 2024 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) announces the successful completion of IDS certification for Engineering Group’s TRUE Connector as the fourth connector that receives the IDS Certificate.

The TRUE Connector is developed by Engineering, a leading digital transformation company based in Italy. The connector is an open-source solution designed to enable self-determined data sharing while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR. Initially focused on the manufacturing domain, the TRUE Connector has proven its versatility across diverse sectors including circular economy, energy, smart buildings, and agri-food domains.

“The IDS certification serves as a clear marker of our dedication to robust functionality and reliability standards for the TRUE Connector. It signifies our technical competency and readiness to facilitate seamless data sharing on a global scale. This achievement is a new milestone for Engineering Group, becoming the first Italian company able to support our customers in their Digital Transformation journey toward the benefits of the certified dataspace technology.”

Angelo Marguglio, Head of Data Platforms and Ecosystems R&I Unit at Engineering Group and recently nominated among the IDSA Ambassadors

The certification process, overseen by IDSA and conducted by the independent evaluation facility SQS, ensures adherence to highest functionality and security standards.

“This includes the examination of documentation as well as the practical testing of the connector to ensure the correct implementation of the functional and security requirements. The certificate not only validates the technical excellence of Engineering’s TRUE Connector but also signifies its readiness for widespread adoption within the global data sharing community.”

Sonia Jimenez, Director data Space Technology at IDSA

This idea of accessibility and interoperability is vital to Engineering. Many companies are eager to get the benefits of data sharing and the data economy. Engineering supports them in the digital transition that is needed to take advantage of this technology.

The ability to work with an open-source connector makes it significantly easier for companies to join the ecosystem. “Open-source technology can revolutionize the way businesses collaborate and innovate,” Angelo emphasized. “Our TRUE Connector embodies this ethos, providing companies with a reliable and secure platform to participate in the data economy.”

For further details, you can find Engineering TRUE Connector and others described in the IDSA Data Connector Report.

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