IDSA and iSHARE Foundation intensify collaboration to speed up industrial adoption of data spaces

Jun 23, 2022 | News

International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and iSHARE Foundation have been in collaboration for quite some time now, aligning the two frameworks to bring the power of IDSA and iSHARE together.

IDSA reference architecture model for data spaces and iSHARE as trust framework for data spaces complete each other, enabling cross-domain data sovereignty. IDSA brings the value of designing data spaces, agreeing on cross-domain standards and interoperability. Trustworthy data sharing and policy-based usage control are crucial factors. This gains relevance with the European data governance act being in place, and the growing development of federated data spaces and infrastructures with Gaia-X. This evolution will be accelerated by iSHARE satellites providing a federated and cross data space participant register. The concept of iSHARE satellites combined with the iSHARE standards-based authorization registry role in data spaces are based on IDSA’s RAM and complete the value proposition of full trust and certainty on legal and technical basis of the participants for data spaces.

With that structure, IDSA and iSHARE together realize a new level of trust for data spaces and its adhering users, providing data spaces with full autonomy on accessing and using data sets within the trust principles of both the IDS rulebook and the iSHARE scheme. With this, IDSA and iSHARE are delivering a soft infrastructure (in line with Gaia-X principles) with open-source components which is ready to use for all data sharing scenarios in all domains. iShare is already broadly used in industry, and IDS certification for data connectors adds comprehensive trust features. A perfect partnership which will convince companies to share much more data than before without regret – because they can trust each other on a higher level.

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