Gaia-X’s Data Exchange Services specifications: a milestone for sovereign data sharing in Europe

Nov 28, 2022 | News

The Gaia-X Working Group Data Exchange Services published the Data Exchange Services specifications. The working group is led by Dawex, the leading technology company for data exchange and data marketplaces, and col-led by IDSA, defining a global standard for trustworthy data connectors. Dawex and IDSA congratulate the members of the working group for their active contribution and for reaching this extraordinary milestone.

The Gaia-X Data Exchange Services specification document defines the vocabulary for data exchange, sets the definition of Data Exchange Services as well as conceptual & operational models, data exchange policies and ontologies for data exchange to deliver trust, interoperability, discoverability and traceability to the data economy.

“The Data Exchange Working Group creates a common understanding how the infrastructure ecosystem and the data ecosystem connect to each other based on the Gaia-X Trust Framework, referring to already existing specifications of IDSA and others, to enable the rise of data spaces in Europe and all over the world. It is a pleasure to be part of the community.”

Sebastian Steinbuss, CTO of IDSA.

The publication by Gaia-X of the Data Exchange Services Specification document is resulting from an intensive collaboration between members of the Data Exchange Services Working Group. The specifications are following the publication of the Gaia-X Architecture and the Gaia-X Trust Framework documents defining guiding principles for establishing a data ecosystem.

“Dawex congratulates all participating members of the Gaia-X Data Exchange Services Working Group for delivering guidelines set to structure and define the principles around data exchanges, this is outstanding. The latest publications of the Gaia-X works are a real breakthrough, a cornerstone for building a strong and resilient European data economy. This highly collaborative and open work will certainly serve as a source of inspiration for those around the world who are looking for a trust data economy.”

Laurent Lafaye, co-CEO at Dawex

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