November 18, 2021

Webinar | Smart Industry Solutions: a Journey into Digital Transformation

How data and its exchange create value for companies and customers: Digital transformation is based on data and its exchange to create value for companies and customers. In this context, digital solutions and technologies play a key role to support companies in their journey, helping companies to exploit the large amount of data they have through Industry 4.0 to improve production processes and overall efficiency.

Cefriel, Whirlpool, Politecnico di Milano, SONAE and Inesctec will present concrete and innovative smart industry solutions that have been realized within EIT-Manufacturing projects AI.SOV, ECOSYSTEM, Human In the AI loop, CanvAAS and COLAB4INDLOG. All these solutions have been validated by early adopters, that in the webinar will bring their witness regarding the adoption of these solutions in their manufacturing context.

IDS is essential part of these projects as well as of the topic list:

  • Data exchange in manufacturing supply chain, based on IDS and GAIA-X standards for data spaces;
  • Digital platforms to foster collaboration in supply chain;
  • Decision support in the maintenance context;
  • Acquisition of competences to effectively and proficiently collaborate with DB-AI (Data-Bases Artificial Intelligent) systems;
  • Open source interoperability standards for machine collaborations.

Nadia Scandelli, who is heading Cefriel’s acitivities as Italian IDSA Hub facilitator, will lead through the webinar.

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Date(s): November 18, 2021
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm UTC+1

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