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April 28, 2023

Update Session | Data Spaces Radar – Stage for promising and mature data spaces

The Data Spaces Radar is a great way to get an overview of what‘s happening in the world of data spaces. The Radar helps you to get your first insights into this fascinating world or if you are already an expert broaden your horizon and give you further inspiration for your work.

In our Update Session, we’ll introduce the Data Spaces Radar to you, explain the way it witnesses how data spaces are reshaping whole industries, how they fundamentally change business and life.

We’ll also dive a little deeper, show you selected data space examples, look at how people and companies work, how they understand data spaces, how they design data spaces. And look together at the convincing usage scenarios and the different benefits the data spaces generate.

Carlos Gonzalez and Christoph Mertens will lead through the Update Session.

Carlos Gonzales    Christoph Mertens IDSA

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Date(s): April 28, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am Europe/Berlin

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