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April 13, 2021

TNO | IDSA Insight Event: Sharing Data Without Losing Control

Together with the Data Sharing Coalition, Dutch AI Coalition, ECP and TNO, we will present and dicuss a number of concrete and practical use cases. The focus will be on what data sharing actually delivers, which parties are involved and how it is organized in practice.

Data sharing accelerates innovation. Think of better treatment methods in healthcare by securely sharing patient data. Or, for example, digitization of paper processes and use of data for artificially intelligent applications. Combining different data sources creates new social and business opportunities. Data sharing can further increase process efficiency in chains. But how can we make use of these opportunities in a safe and responsible way? Many organizations would like to maintain control over their data and only share it in a controlled way with other parties.

We will explain how data sharing within and between sectors can be carried out in an easy and controlled way according to the IDS reference architecture. We will present first implementations that have already been realized. Afterwards it is possible to discuss specific questions interactively with the speakers in separate sessions.

The event will be hosted by ECP as part of a event series, which discusses principles of digital collaboration between organizations. These collaboration principles are based on the European commitment to autonomy and sovereignty. The series covers subtopics such as interoperability of contracts, of standards, the reliability of data exchange and underlying cloud infrastructure, data interoperability and digital identity.

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Please note: Although the registration page is written in Dutch, the event will entirely be held in English.


Date(s): April 13, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm UTC+2

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