October 18, 2023

Semic Conference 2023

SEMIC is returning on 18th October for an exciting event in beautiful Madrid!

Organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this year’s SEMIC conference focuses on ‘Interoperable Europe in the age of AI’.

Discover how public sector interoperability and Artificial Intelligence can benefit each other through concrete use cases and success stories. From groundbreaking applications to the ethical implications of AI, we will explore the synergy between these fields.

Sessions will cover data spaces, digital governance, data quality assurance, generative and general-purpose AI, law as code, and more. You will also gain insights into the proposal for an Interoperable Europe Act.

Last year’s edition attracted over 1,000 professionals from 60 countries in person and online. Do not miss the opportunity to attend parallel sessions, explore the SEMIC EXPO, and network with peers.

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Date(s): October 18, 2023
8:30 am - 7:00 pm UTC+02:00

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