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November 24, 2021

IDSA Strategic Overview | Assets and Achievements to Make Data Spaces a Reality

On November 24, we will present our assets and achievements, showcase successfully running data spaces and – in this context – introduce the Data Spaces Business Alliance, explain the IDS certification as well as the IDS open-source landscape:

Here is the Future of the Data Economy  

IDS-based Data Spaces are the first step toward a European, and ultimately worldwide revolution in the use and sharing of data. This revolution could not happen without the investment that IDSA has made over the past five years in research, development and coalition-building. Get to know examples – and the Data Spaces Business Alliance we recently formed together with strong partners. 

The Basis of Trust: IDS Certification 

Collaboration among partners is the core of IDS and key to a thriving data economy. Successful collaboration demands total trust. We designed a process that will establish this trust: IDS certification. Learn more about the foundational to trustworthy and sovereign data exchange. 

Where Collaborative Innovation Happens: IDS Open-source Landscape 

The IDS standard is used for building data spaces for more than five years. Now, it is time to open it up for everybody. The IDS open-source landscape is where contributors find IDS components in a variety of implementations; and can work with others on new ideas transparently and collaboratively. Find more information on IDS open source and our GitHub repositories. 

Co-create the IDS Reference Architecture 4.0 

The reference architecture is the beating heart of IDS. It comprises the standards for secure and sovereign data exchange, certification and governance; it is the basis for all data spaces – from mobility to agriculture, finance or energy. Join our working group and create the IDS Reference Architecture Model 4.0. 

IDS in the Real World: The Rulebook 2.0 

For the data economy to function smoothly, all players need to abide by a common governance framework that specifies the functional, technical, operational and legal agreements that structure their roles and interactions within the ecosystem. The IDSA Rulebook outlines that framework. Make your contribution to version 2.0. 

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Date(s): November 24, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm UTC+1

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