June 12, 2024

Digital Health & Data Thematic Innovation Ecosystem

Co-led by the DigitalHealthUptake project, ECHAlliance and the Hellenic Digital Health Cluster, this event aims to explore innovative approaches and strategies to enhance the integration of digital technologies in healthcare. By showcasing innovations and fostering collaboration among key regional players in Romania, Greece, and Cyprus, we aim to address current trends, challenges, and opportunities in digital health. Through expert-led discussions, we will emphasize practical insights and actionable solutions to accelerate the effective use of health data, thereby improving patient outcomes and system efficiencies.


  • Highlight Innovations and Advancements: Showcase the latest developments in Health Data Spaces and initiatives by the VELES Excellence Hub.
  • Identify Potential Gaps, Needs, and Requirements: Explore specific gaps and requirements in the implementation and utilization of health data technologies.
  • Discuss Diverse Perspectives: Engage with the unique perspectives and experiences from Greece, Romania, and Cyprus to enrich understanding and collaboration.

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Date(s): June 12, 2024
11:00 am - 12:15 pm UTC+02:00

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