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March 15, 2023

Data Spaces Dialogue | How the BAIDATA ecosystem helps realize true data spaces

The BAIDATA Association was founded in Spain to support the development of public-private data ecosystems through research, development and training activities. The focus is on regional data space pilot projects. They apply the IDS standard, data sovereignty and interoperability are essential.

The Data Spaces Dialogue goes into detail here: What exactly is BAIDATA, who is behind it, and why is the association committed to regional data spaces?

Two examples provide the evidence:

  • The Biscay regional government is building a data space where personal data is made available in a sovereign and GDPR-compliant manner; small and start-up companies are developing IDS-compliant solutions relevant to society.
  • The Basque Energy Cluster and Tecnalia eliciting turbine data from offshore wind operators while leaving them in control. Nevertheless, service and maintenance operators involved in the data space can use this data to optimize wind turbine operations and thus reduce costs.

In the Data Spaces Dialogue, IDSA Managing Director Thorsten Huelsmann talks to the BAIDATA’s responsible persons as well as to the brains behind the two data spaces. The guiding thought here is: Who benefits from the participation in the data spaces? Is it perhaps simply every participant? How exactly does this work?

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Date(s): March 15, 2023
9:00 am - 10:00 am UTC+02:00

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