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October 20, 2022

Data Spaces Dialogue | Health data spaces: Unlocking the potential of data while maintaining data sovereignty

Would be great if diseases could be prevented instead of treated. If we could offer patients individualized solutions for individual health needs. If collaboration along the healthcare value chain led to improved patient safety and product quality. If we could guarantee the best possible healthcare for all citizens in the EU across sectors and countries.

Healthcare can be organized and personalized in such a way – if specific and diverse data sets are merged and the highest data protection standards are met.

This will work. However, not in current data silos and proprietary systems. Interoperability, trust and the data sovereignty that is so important for patient data must be established. But with data spaces that correspond to the reference architecture of the International Data Spaces.

We will talk about all this on October 20 in our Data Spaces Dialogue: About our vision of data-driven healthcare, about how important interoperability, trust and data sovereignty are, about how a data space is constructed to ensure all of this.

Preliminary agenda:

14:00 Welcome and moderation | Sarah Becker, idigiT & Head of IDS Health Community
14:05  Why data sovereignty is essential to healthcare | Dr. André Nemat, idigiT & IDSA Board Member
14:15  Concept of data spaces | Christoph Mertens
14:25  Insight: BDI study “A Collaborative Health Data Space” | Maro Bader
14:35  Introduction: European Health Data Space | NN
14:55  Panel discussion and Q&A | Sara Becker, Nick Schneider (tbc), Maro Bader, Christoph Mertens
15:10  IDS Health Community – vision, participation, outlook, call for contribution || preview: Health-X Dataloft, TEHDAS | Sarah Becker
15:20  Conclusion | Sarah Becker

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Date(s): October 20, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm UTC+02:00

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