June 2, 2022

BAIDATA Opening Event

BAIDATA is an International Data Space Association (IDSA) strategic public-private partnership, which already brings together 33 stakeholders to make the development of high-quality sovereign data spaces and the access to the data economy easier for industry and public administration in the Iberian Peninsula.

Coinciding with the EU Data Week 2022, the 1st BAIDATA Forum is the opening event for the kick-off of the BAIDATA association activities. BAIDATA invites all stakeholders willing to understand better the scope of IDSA data sovereignty standard and the role it will play in connecting European business to the common European data space, to join us in Bilbao, on June 2nd.

The Forum will provide all interested stakeholders a unique opportunity to connect with a community interested in driving forward the development of the data economy. The Forum will provide first-hand information on the IDSA reference model for a trusted data sharing and the set of activities planned by BAIDATA to support the access of the BAIDATA community to IDSA knowledge, training, lighthouse pilots, tools, methodologies, infrastructures and certification programmes across the Iberian Peninsula.

Registration and more information: baidata.org


Date(s): June 2, 2022
10:00 am - 2:00 pm UTC+2

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