October 30, 2020

Digital Innovations Made in Milano – Our Italian Hub Cefriel

The International Data Spaces Association developed a global standard for data sovereignty. To foster the knowledge transfer, the Association facilitates international hubs that share basic knowledge on the ideas and concepts of IDS in their countries. In our new blog series, we present our hubs; the organizations and the people who bring IDSA to the world. First we turn our attention to our friends from Cefriel in Italy.

Cefriel’s mission and activities

Cefriel is a digital innovation company aimed at building a bridge between the presence and the future of companies, helping them achieve their full potential through Innovation, Research, and Education. Working side by side with customers, in over 30 years of activity, Cefriel has delivered projects and solutions for Italian and multinational companies, especially in the UK, Switzerland, France, and the USA.

Founded in 1988, today, its shareholders consist of Universities, such as Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, and over 15 leading multinational companies. Cefriel is a not-for-profit company: the tangible dividend is the effect on the economy, society and the whole territory, and the creation and promotion of new professional skills and competences.​


Accelerate the transition from physical products to services and intangible assets to monetize data flows and meet evolving conditions”

Business Relationship

Get opportunities to grow in a borderless economy; leveraging regulated data exchange to create digital ecosystems with partners and unlock additional business value.”

Digital Culture

Enable new managerial capabilities from digital assets to boost and drive the business

Cefriel has a strong focus on ICT and adopts a multidisciplinary approach, thus being able to support the entire innovation lifecycle: from injecting and discovering new ideas, to designing and developing prototypes and products, and bringing the resulting solutions to the market.

Cefriel believes that two critical factors are defining the importance of topics in the IDSA approach. The first is the expected introduction of the single European digital marketplace. The second is the increasing attention of the European Community to the problems of SMEs and MEs and their supply chains and ecosystems. Since SMEs and MEs are one of the most relevant, yet critical European backbones, a European-wide data-centric approach raises the relevance of IDSA topics.

Alfonso Fuggetta, CEO and Scientific Director

Cefriel’s goal as IDSA Italian Hub is to grow, within the national and international context, stakeholder awareness and sensitivity on the importance of cooperation between companies for data exchange – with a view on digital transformation, an area in which digital ecosystems guide new paradigms of dialogue and business development between companies. As the Italian Hub, Cefriel also has the objective to invite other companies to become partners of the association to expand the network and the potential of the initiative within innovation, education, and research activities.

Cefriel’s activities as IDSA Hub

Cefriel first activity as IDSA Hub is to promote the growth of the Hub and its diversity in terms of company sizes (both large corporations like Engineering and SMEs like Holonix ), as well as in terms of involved sectors (ICT supplier, manufacturing, Telco). Italian Partners will help Cefriel in its mission.

The Hub will also contribute, with a constant effort, to develop the awareness of the importance of the data space European framework by promoting marketing and dissemination activities and organizing technical learning paths in the Italian language for partners.

Moreover, Cefriel will promote and adopt the IDSA framework in research activities, for instance, in the Shift2RAIL Program and within smart factory research & innovation initiatives.

Become an IDSA Hub

If you want to enable trustworthy and secure data exchange based on the IDS in your county get in contact with us via info@internationaldataspaces.org.

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