Denmark is on the way to making public data available with IDS

Sep 9, 2022 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and the Danish Agency for Digital Government shared ideas for improving and modernizing public data catalogs in a joint workshop.

Denmark has a long tradition of providing high-quality data, both for the public and private sectors. While data sharing is gaining momentum across Europe, Denmark has begun to improve its existing catalog of public data: The new Data Portal will be launched later this year to make many types of data sets available to businesses, researchers, and citizens – with the help of IDS.

The reuse of environmental, real estate, demographic or traffic data can lead to new business models that are innovative, user-friendly, and sustainable. But the more data sets are made available by the government, the more comprehensive the architecture behind such a Data Portal has to be. The challenge users have in finding out which data platforms offer particular data sets was one of the focused topics of a workshop between IDSA and representatives of the Danish Agency for Digital Government.

IDSA experts were given the opportunity to present the idea and potential of international data spaces from various angles and perspectives. Together, they discussed how data spaces are set up and operated and how the technical assets are interconnected. The market adoption of innovative concepts such as IDS was also discussed and illustrated by successful use cases.

The idea of the Danish government is now to transfer the concepts of IDS to the Danish Data Portal to improve and modernize the existing data catalogs.

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