Feb 4, 2019 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) has established the first “IDSA hubs” in Europe. Partners with excellent networks are building these bridges for growth in the respective countries. IDSA would like to use these partners to disseminate its standard on data sovereignty and data ecosystems in Europe and beyond, and to intensify cooperation with international R&D organisations and companies.

The first five hubs have now been officially presented: On the occasion of the IDSA Winterdays in Berlin in December 2018, Dr. Reinhold Achatz, Chairman of the Board of the IDSA, presented the hubs’ representatives from Spain, France, Italy, Finland and the Netherlands with their certificates of incorporation.

The partners in these countries will create awareness to generate more potential for the topic of data sovereignty, run initiatives to recruit new members, and disseminate IDS-based applications. Moreover, they will foster and coordinate projects to further develop the IDS standard, even beyond their country borders.

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