‘Brokering Event for European Data Spaces’ Meets with Excellent Response from Experts and Professionals

Dec 23, 2021 | News

The Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), a one-of-its-kind initiative bringing together the key industry players Big Data Value Association (BDVA), FIWAREGAIA-X, and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), organized the ‘Brokering Event for European Data Spaces’, on December 16, 2021.

Curated under the umbrella of the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme, the brokering event was designed to build European data spaces across specific sectors. Companies and individuals from across the entire business and academia spectrum pitched proposals for the creation of data spaces in the fields of green economy, smart communities, mobility, health, public sector open data for AI, tourism, manufacturing, among many others. The idea: enable participants to connect with other industry players who share the interest of building a common data space infrastructure.

The response was overwhelming. With over 750 registrations and 550+ active participants, the event was an excellent opportunity for all attendees to engage with the DSBA communities. This resulted in nearly 300 matchmaking activities and 100+ one-to-one meetings. Spread over half a day, the event was introduced by the DSBA founding organizations, followed by presentations on the Digital Europe Programme and thirty-minute pitching sessions. The 12 sessions held over 60 pitches.

“Together with members from all Alliance partners and the many research and business institutions from our ecosystems, we will now work on overarching data spaces. Over the past years, IDSA has been working on the many ingredients that a data space needs. Ahead of us now is broad application of the data space concept across a wide range of industries!”

Lars Nagel, CEO IDSA

The Data Spaces Business Alliance was formally launched in early 2021 to drive the adoption of data spaces across Europe. The Alliance is currently working together in three main areas, namely: technology and architecture, identification and characterization, and support. Having over 1,000 members combined, the Alliance’s founding organizations represent leading key industry players, associations, research organizations, innovators, and policy-makers from the local, national, European levels, and beyond.

The matchmaking possibilities of the event will be kept open for all registered participants. You can find the presentations of the European Commission here:

Read the whole press release here.

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