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Dec 13, 2019 | News

Usage Control in the International Data Spaces

This report focuses on data usage control and data provenance, that are conceptual, and technological solutions to cope with data sovereignty challenges. It introduces a common scenario for the Industry 4.0 age, in which a supplier and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are exchanging data to mitigate risks in the supply chain management. It describes the difference between access control and usage control, the usage control concepts and related concepts such as digital rights management or user-managed access.

This report presents the implementation of data usage control in the IDS. In doing so, it presents the policy language, its integration to the IDS information model and introduces commonly used policies. Thus, presenting a policy editor for expressing usage restrictions in the open digital rights language and their transformation to machine-readable policies.

IDS Certification Explained

The Certification of the International Data Spaces is of fundamental importance for IDS and one of its core components. 

Trust is the basis for a successful collaboration between partners, in business as well as in social life. Due to the importance of collaboration for the IDS, certification works as an enabler for business and use cases. Collaboration is the basis for the IDS itself and therefore, it is necessary to establish trust by certification between the partners in IDS. 

The purpose of this paper is to present the IDS Certification Scheme in a short and comprehensible form. The paper will outline the different evaluation levels, certification criteria and the major steps of a certification process from the point of view of the applicant. 

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