Data Sovereignty

You decide how your data gets used!

What is data sovereignty? Today, organizations of all types and sizes collect and store huge amounts of every kind of data. IDSA enables you to self-determine how and when others may use it across the value chain. We call this data sovereignty.

Why does this matter?

Control over data

Data sovereignty ensures that organizations, governments, and individuals have control over their data. This control allows them to self-determine how their data is collected, stored, shared, and used by others. Data sovereignty is a spectrum; it’s about finding the right balance between keeping data safe and sharing it to gain added value.

Innovation and trust

In a data-driven economy, trust is essential for fostering innovation and encouraging participation in data-sharing ecosystems. By establishing data sovereignty and enforcing rules for data management, such as data usage policies and contracts, organizations can create an environment of trust and reliability. When participants feel confident that their data is handled securely and self-determined, they are more likely to engage in collaborative initiatives, leading to innovation, knowledge sharing, and economic growth.

Interoperability and collaboration

Data sovereignty promotes interoperability among participants in data spaces. By adhering to common technical standards, organizations can share data seamlessly and collaborate effectively across different platforms and domains. The growing number of industrial cloud platforms and the heterogeneity of the platform landscape underscore the need for data sovereignty standards to ensure secure and trusted data exchange between different platforms.



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