Data Sovereignty

You decide how your data gets used!

What is data sovereignty? Today, organizations of all types and sizes collect and store huge amounts of every kind of data. IDSA enables you to self-determine how, when and at what price others may use it across the value chain. We call this data sovereignty.

Why does this matter?

Because value

Many data providers currently  give their data away or use it as currency in exchange for services and other considerations from large data platforms. For others, data-sharing hurdles create a drag on efficiency or barriers to entry into a market for smaller players. Partners in IDS data sharing relationships are already realizing new efficiencies in the auto industry, and enabling smaller companies to enter the lucrative 3D printing market. The possibilities are limitless.

Because privacy and security

Many organizations collect and store data where there is a significant duty to protect the privacy of clients and other consumers. Think of health care, insurance, legal services and more. Data sovereignty means that these data holders can safeguard user data like never before, and ensure that it is used only in accordance with strictly defined rules. Our Digital Life Journey project is one application where the data sovereignty provided by IDS changes the game in this regard. We bet you can imagine lots of others.



Read our image brochure: IDS – standard for data sovereignty, indispensable element of data ecosystems

Use Cases

Learn how data sovereignty is put into practice


Read our whitepaper: Sharing data while keeping data ownership

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