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Supply Chain Manager – Achieving Transparency in Automotive Supply Chains


Volkswagen, thyssenkrupp and Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST are reaching out fordata sovereignty with focus on improvement of Demand and Capacity Management (DCM) systems in automotive supply chains. The industrial partners mutually aim to optimize supply chains in terms of transparency, efficiency and sustainability assisted by the IDS. The idea is to make supply chains resilient and firm; long-term objectives become realistic by putting sensitive data, such as stocks, output volumes and production programs in bidirectional correlation. IDS represent the technological basis for that type of data exchange, supporting data sovereignty between organizations whilst complying high-level safety requirements. 


Trust is one of the highest rated requirements for collaboration in industrial environments, such as material provider and productive consumer, e.g. automotive production. Especially when exchange of sensitive data is required purely trust is not sufficient due of the fact that access to IT systems is outside of human’s control. A technical solution is mostly required to ensure data sovereignty on both ends, establishing trust by using technology. 

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Improvement of Supply Chain Management Processes

By Ute Burkhardt, Project Management SCM. VW Konzernlogistik GmbH & Co



  • Exchange and usage of data leads to process improvements 
  • Increased transparency in automotive supply chains 
  • Establishing mutual trust enables policy enforcement 


  • Fraunhofer ISST
  • Volkswagen Konzernlogistik GmbH & Co. OHG
  • thyssenkrupp Presta Ilsenburg GmbH

Main Technology/IDS Component

  • IDS Connector
  • IDS Connector Framework