August 9, 2018


Advaneo advises and accompanies companies in the field of digital transformation. One focal point for European railway companies is on questions of standardisation and digitisation in infrastructure technology. This is all about guaranteeing the highest possible data security to avoid data misuse.

Deutsche Bahn, for example, equips tens of thousands of railway-track switches with special sensors that provide the company with important information about the condition of the points drives and therefore enable predictive maintenance. These data are also of great interest to other companies so they could even be traded commercially.

In this application scenario, Advaneo serves as a broker that arranges the secure exchange of the respective data between provider and user via IDS structures. On a virtual marketplace, the “Advaneo Data marketplace”, comprehensive metadata from different sources are available on the supply side. Other users of the marketplace can purchase this information to gain the latest insights or to develop new business models.

Data sovereignty has first priority in all processes: exchange is only possible via the secured data space of IDS that safeguards the processes for the partners and simultaneously guarantees adherence to the distinct rules of the game. All participants in the data exchange are identified and certified thanks to IDS.

+ To exchange critical data securely and trade them in a non-discriminatory way
+ To guarantee data sovereignty

+ Railway infrastructure companies
• Signal construction company

+ Individual cloud-based data management marketplace to access and share railway switches
+ Enables railway suppliers to identify existing data assets of shunting switches for new value added

Main technology/IDS components:
+ Adavaneo–IDS broker connector
+ Broker repository and indexing
• Identity access management and clearing house

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