March 4, 2020

The Launching Coalition – Start of a New Journey on Sovereign Data Sharing

With the IDS Launching Coalition the first IDS-based products will go live in the market of their respective domains. This is not the first but the most crucial step to finally establish the first commercial IDS ecosystem, which is based on trust and data sovereignty. Going live with commercial IDS-based solutions will enable data providers from different domains to monetise their data treasures while at the same time staying the sovereign of their data.

The IDS Launching Coalition is a group of IDSA member companies that will intensify its engagement within the IDS initiative to have their use cases implemented and certified until September 2020. This process will be initiated with the Kick-off Meeting on March 6th – a meeting, which will enable all participants of the Launching Coalition to get to know the organizational setting, the tasks, the tools, and to foster cooperation and networking.

The Launching Coalition members will work together to solve technical, legal, and business challenges that they will face during the implementation of their IDS based products. The IDSA will support the Launching Coalition in every means to reach the goal of going live with IDS-based products in September 2020, be it by workshops on creation of business models or support in the implementation process of IDS connectors and of course by documenting key findings in the so called Rule Book. This Rule Book will serve as a guideline, not only for the Launching Coalition, but also for those companies who will follow and plan to implement IDS based products on their own.

Stay in touch with the Launching Coalition

IDSA member companies are welcome to follow the activities of the Launching Coalition. We will continuously report on its achievements and results:

Consider also the Hannover Messe and the 3rd IDSA summit! We are looking forward to presenting interim results there.

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