March 13, 2020

The pioneers that will revolutionize the way companies exchange data and therefore communicate

Kick-Off Launching Coalition

From the invention of the telephone in the 1870’s until today’s means of communication: it was a long and hard way paved by many pioneers. Amongst those people were Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi, or Steve Jobs who revolutionized the way our society communicates repeatedly. Instead of accepting the status quo, they explored and rethought existing standards and thereby invented ground-breaking technologies and principles that shaped the time in which they lived and set new paths for future inventions.

On Friday March 6th, 2020 at 10:00 am CET a group of more than 40 people from different technology domains and companies, with different backgrounds came together to jointly shape the way companies exchange data and communicate with each other. These people agreed that they do not want huge data silos and oligopolists who have their business model in data trading, to dictate the way data economy is shaped.

The reference architecture model for International Data Spaces (IDS) by the IDSA defines the common ground on which the so-called Launching Coalition will explore ways to bring IDS based products to the market. The coalition was formed to not only implement IDS based components, like many companies already did in the past, but to also bring these components to market readiness until September 2020. That means the IDS ecosystem is gaining traction now and certified offerings of IDS Connectors and other IDS components will be available for the market later this year and allow those who do not want or simply are not able to build their own connectors to step into the game of data sovereign data sharing. 

This is our first step on substantially scaling up data sovereignty by involving and forming our community – the Launching Coalition.

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