April 20, 2023

Hannover Messe 2023: building trust in data spaces

It’s fantastic to be back at the Hannover Messe alongside 200,000 visitors and partners from around the world. For one week, 4,000 exhibitors showcase technologies and solutions for a connected and climate-neutral world. And we're right in the middle of it – with a great booth in Hall 16, where everything revolves around additive manufacturing, cloud and infrastructure, digital platforms, and 5G technology.
Nora Gras

After last year’s slow start, the Hannover Messe is back in full force. People from all over the world are crowding through the narrow aisles, the halls are fully booked, and events and parties are taking place at every corner.

The world is on the move again – and that feels good. Because the best thing about the Hannover Messe is not the impressive figures, it’s the conversations we have at our booth. The people who come to us want to be at the forefront. They are here because they know that the world will continue to digitally transform, and because they know that IDSA has committed to making cross-domain and cross-company data sharing trustworthy.

Trust is a given

To ensure data sovereignty and secure data sharing, data spaces should allow data providers to maintain control over their data by setting usage restrictions. However, guaranteeing that all participants in a data space respect these restrictions can be challenging. This is where the IDS certification scheme comes in.

IDS certification sets standards for data spaces and ensures compliance with specific security and functionality requirements. By participating in certified data sharing ecosystems, companies can trust that their data is being handled responsibly and with appropriate safeguards in place. Trust is no more an issue, it’s a given.

Towards IDS Certification

These mechanisms were not set overnight. They are now available because of a decade’s worth of investments in new technologies and new thinking. And they took on new meaning and importance over the past weeks as the first companies started their journey towards IDS Certification. They will have their first certified data connectors available and ready for the market shortly.

At our Roundtable in Hannover, Lars Nagel emphasized that our certification scheme ensures neutrality, consensus, and transparency. As a global association, we collaboratively define the Reference Architecture Model, from which we derive the certification criteria.

So now, we must reflect on what’s next. We must anticipate what the industry requires to continue its digital transformation and to continue making sovereign data sharing better through constant feedback and a culture of change.

Get the big picture

Speaking of sharing: a lot of our booth visitors were pretty jazzed about the IDSA magazine. The latest issue of ‘Data Spaces NOW’ covers not just how IDS certification works and who is involved, but also sheds light on IDS’s connection to Catena-X, current and future legal and regulatory impacts on data sharing, and the collaborative efforts of EDC and IDSA in advancing the data-driven future.

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Author: Nora Gras
Nora Gras is Senior Communications Manager at IDSA

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