April 30, 2020

GAIAboX® – Secure Resource Management, File Storage & Data Exchange in IDS

What does a digital ecosystem need to make data and services available in a secure manner? A resource management and file storage based on data sovereignty. In other words: GAIAboX® by nicos AG. The managed service provider developed one of the most promising IDS-based solutions to be brought to market as part of the IDS Launching Coalition.
Jörg Langkau

Resource Management and File Storage

With its high-performance IT infrastructure, nicos enables collaboration and secure data exchange between all locations worldwide. The idea of GAIAboX® is prototyping a secure and sovereign resource management and file storage. It is accessible via FTP, SSH and HTTP and follows the concept of “Linked Data Platform” (LDP). The achievement of GAIAboX® is not limited to data sharing, as open inventory platform it also allows representing any resource.

GAIAboX® will also provide application protocols like mqtt, gRPC, WebSockets in order to make “publish/subscribe” available. It intends to provide data and information in a standardized and semantically described manner according to the concept of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), thus enabling interoperability and easy interaction.

Data Sovereignty and Usage Control

GAIAboX® ensures data sovereignty by using the technologies of the IDS Architecture. It acts as an IDS Connector Provider. Along with finely-grained access control to the stored resources, the concept of IDS usage control will also be established.

The storing of any resource in a GAIAboX® can be enriched with a contract or a policy deciding on where to remain and how to use the resource. GAIAboX® is implementing a web client application in order to get access to other GAIAboXes, too.


  1. platform independency
  2. IDS conformity
  3. Deploying to existing cloud services

Technological architecture or IDS components used

  • Linked Data Platform (LDP)
  • IDS Connector technology
  • Publish/subscribe machanisms

Learn more about GAIAboX here.

Author: Jörg Langkau

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