July 6, 2023

Empowering data sovereignty: SCSN and KPN collaborate to enhance security and trust

Those who don't share will not grow. This hard truth is why parents tell their children to share on the playground – and it is why the Dutch SCSN, the Smart Connected Supplier Network, was founded: as a basis for mutual growth.
Giulia Giussani

Data is increasingly important in business operations. The challenge here is not only using one’s own data but especially sharing data between companies in the supply chain. The SCSN network of 400+ manufacturing companies makes the exchange of information more efficient using communication standards and a custom-fit technological infrastructure. This allows companies to be faster and more reliable when it comes to orders, invoices, technical product data, and much more.

SCSN created a data space, basically a decentralized infrastructure for peer-to-peer data sharing that increases overall productivity by reducing the administrative burden and facilitating collaboration between supply chain partners.

Scaling up with the telecommunication company KPN

The SCSN ecosystem has evolved and grown enormously in recent years. Now it is taking a major step to enable large-scale data sharing and entering into a long-term partnership with the Dutch telecommunication company KPN. The goal is to provide a robust infrastructure needed for additional services in the SCSN network.

KPN will deploy the Data Services Hub, a platform-as-a-service for real-time information exchange, as the basis for SCSN’s infrastructure. The new collaboration will realize SCSN’s growth ambitions to become the network for the manufacturing industry, both nationally and internationally. By deploying the expertise from the KPN Data Services Hub within SCSN, security and trust are set to increase.

Data sovereignty implemented and SME-friendly

SCSN is fully based on the principles of digital and data sovereignty. There is no central entity controlling the data. A non-profit foundation manages the data sharing agreements, but access to the data space is made easy for companies and SMEs thanks to a network of SCSN Service Providers that offer off-the-shelf solutions. The underlying infrastructure is based on the reference architecture developed by the IDSA. The SCSN Foundation created IDS-based data connectors and data apps, which can be used by service providers.

This kind of connectivity is the future of all industries – from mobility to health to energy and beyond.

Author: Giulia Giussani
Giulia Giussani is a Senior Digital Innovation Manager at IDSA

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