March 7, 2024

Data Spaces Symposium features IDSA’s leading topics

We're excited to share our participation in the upcoming Data Spaces Symposium, where we'll be focusing on a few of our core topics: Dataspace Protocol, standardization, certification, and training. The Data Spaces Symposium is the largest event for all enthusiasts of data spaces in 2024! Taking place from March 12-14 in the Frankfurt region, the symposium emphasizes the vital role of data spaces in shaping the future of the digital economy.

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You are in excellent company at the Data Sharing Symposium, where attendees are committed to leading the digital frontier. They understand the world will continue its digital transformation, and they recognize data spaces are the tools they need to navigate future disruptions confidently. Let us guide you through how this future is unfolding across industries and borders now and provide a glimpse of the exciting things to come.

Technical realization of data spaces | March 12, 14:00 to 16:30

To share data, the participants of a data space need an IDS Connector. This software transfers data between different systems, applications, or platforms. It enables trusted and secure data sharing between participants, allowing data to flow seamlessly across different systems and devices.

We’re proud to announce the successful certification of the first two IDS-based data connectors from T-Systems and VTT – marking a significant milestone in creating a secure and trusted environment for data sharing. IDS Certification ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, establishing a foundation of reliability and trust.

Data spaces tech potential to unite | March 13, 13:45 to 15:00

At the core of the technical implementation of every data space component lies the Dataspace Protocol (DSP). Recently released in its stable version 2024-1, the DSP ensures seamless interoperability among data space components and participants. It establishes standardized protocols and mechanisms for data sharing, ensuring smooth communication between systems and devices. Furthermore, the Dataspace Protocol promotes the adoption of common vocabularies and ontologies, enhancing semantic interoperability and enabling shared interpretation of data across different environments.

The protocol specification follows the functional requirements of the business processes described in the IDSA Rulebook based on mutually agreed industry requirements. To fulfill our mission to build standards for data sovereignty, one of the IDSA’s goals is to make the Data Space Protocol (DSP) an ISO Standard.

“Innovate”: lowering barriers and increasing value | March 13, 13:45 to 15:00

Training is essential in driving the understanding and adoption of data spaces. We’re developing comprehensive training programs to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of data spaces. To ensure a cohesive and standardized approach across the data space ecosystem, we are actively working to establish a Body of Knowledge (BoK). This compilation of insights and skills will serve as the foundation for accreditation, empowering training providers to formulate effective training programs. Our Working Group Training will not only develop and maintain our body of knowledge, but also establish criteria for engaging with training providers with the aim to launch a full running program in 2024.

Standardization in data spaces | March 14, 14:45 to 15:15

Given the established position of IDS concepts as de facto standards, it is vital to improve go-to-market strategies and increase maturity by aligning IDSA resources with relevant standardization bodies. This effort is at the forefront of everything we do at IDSA. Our members, the IDSA working groups and the standardization coordination group, as well as the IDSA technical team, work diligently with key bodies at ISO, CEN/CENELEC and W3C and advise the European Commission on advancing global standards for data spaces.

Join us at the Data Spaces Symposium! We eagerly anticipate engaging in discussions and sharing insightful perspectives on the transformative potential of data spaces. Secure your ticket and join over 500 experts and enthusiasts. With plenary and parallel streams featuring more than 150 speakers delivering concise presentations, keynotes and workshops, this symposium is a great opportunity – to unite, innovate and adopt.

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