April 14, 2022

AI Marketplace: Love is in the air

The word “matchmaking” reminds us of love, of finding the right partner, and maybe of marriage. For the AI Marketplace platform, matchmaking is also a question of fitting people together, but the partners are by no means romantic – the opposite is true: They are dead serious and want to profit from the relationship.

The AI Marketplace is a project that aims to bring AI experts and solution providers together with users of AI. They’d like to benefit from the know-how of each other. Enabling data sharing in a secure way and monetizing it – that is the purpose of the AI Marketplace.

How can an inquiringcompany increase productivity and economic growth using artificial intelligence? The initial contact between stakeholders is made via the publicly available AI platform. An expert will do an individual analysis specific to the company. As a result, AI use cases are identified for the company, including tips for implementation. The main idea is to support the whole deployment of AI applications. Additionally, the company will receive feedback on their AI readiness and how to improve it, tailored to their needs and potential.

IT structures often lack standardization and transparency

However, it is essential for the successful application of AI methods that data is processed consistently. Concrete tips and information for data governance are provided so that nothing stands in the way of the use of the applications.

Generally, many companies want to enable free data flow, but are at the same time concerned about how the data is used. In the AI Marketplace, data security is of great importance, and therefore it works with certified standards – which are the basis for fair cooperation. This applies in particular to data exchange across company boundaries.

That is where the IDSA comes in. With the IDS Connector, all participants of the AI Marketplace can safely exchange data and communicate with each other in a data space. The connector ensures a trustworthy connection between different parties. All data is protected.

The three musketeers: interoperability, trust, and usage control

How does IDSA bring this into practice? IDS based data spaces have three pillars built in: unlimited interoperability, trust between different domains and governance for the data economy. By attaching terms of use to the data, sovereignty is possible. The data flow has to be orchestrated. IDSA is taking care of that with its holistic approach.

Besides the platform, the Marketplace is currently also developing concrete AI applications. The goal is to build an ecosystem for AI in product creation. Its app store is providing, deploying and operating AI applications because algorithms are easier trained with the help of apps.

The European data strategy envisions flow of data across sectors based on fair principles when it comes to access, management and use of data. The cooperation between the AI Marketplace and the IDSA is managing that balance between unlimited data interoperability and data ownership in a secure environment. Maybe this is not so far from being in a marriage after all.

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