About IDSA

About the International Data Spaces Association

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) is on a mission to create the future of the global, digital economy. Its 140+ member companies and institutions have created the International Data Spaces (IDS) standard: a secure system of sovereign and trusted data sharing in which all participants can realize the full value of their data. IDS enables new smart services and innovative business processes to work across companies and industries, while ensuring that the control of data remains in the hands of data providers. We call this data sovereignty.

Pioneering the future of the data economy: IDSA’s vital role

In today’s digital era, the world is witnessing a remarkable surge in the importance of data for businesses across industries. Data has rapidly evolved into a strategic asset, powering sustainability and competitive advantage.

IDSA is a key player in this data-driven revolution. The overarching goal of IDSA is to lay the groundwork for a fair data economy, where data providers, consumers, and all stakeholders can reap balanced and equitable benefits. It is not just about collecting data; it’s about putting it to meaningful use. The strategic value of data extends beyond individual organizations – it thrives in collaborative ecosystems. The more data is shared, the more its value multiplies, creating a mutually beneficial cycle.

However, this valuable cycle demands a delicate balance. Data providers need assurance that their data is handled responsibly and that they receive a fair share of the value generated from it. On the other side, consumers of data require the confidence that the data they are (re-)using comes from a trustworthy source. This duality forms the foundation of a fair data economy.

IDSA’s approach: standardization for data spaces

IDSA recognizes that establishing a just data economy necessitates defined rules and terms of conditions that govern data transactions. These transactions transpire in data spaces, which facilitate seamless data sharing across geographical and organizational boundaries.

As a non-profit industry association, IDSA is on a mission to set the standard for data spaces that address the core needs of data sovereignty. Its endeavors yield three main outcomes:

  • Specification: The IDS Reference Architecture Model (IDS RAM) outlines the roles and capabilities essential for constructing and operating data spaces.
  • Open-source software (OSS): IDSA champions the development of open-source software, collaborating with like-minded foundations that share the vision of a just data economy.
  • Standardization: IDSA’s deliverables become industry standards without formal authority. Nonetheless, the association encourages the adoption of its outputs by established standardization bodies.

Collaboration and collective transformation

IDSA recognizes that achieving a fair data economy requires a collective effort. It collaborates with leading data associations within the Data Space Business Alliance (DSBA) to promote harmonized standard-setting. Initiatives like Gaia-X, FIWARE, and IDTA unite to create a robust foundation for cross-domain applications.

IDSA stands as a guiding light in the journey towards a just data economy. Its efforts encapsulate the essence of collaboration, trust, and responsible data usage.