June 4, 2020

SQS – the IDSA Evaluation Facility

One of the Launching Coalition participants is SQS. The accredited laboratory for the validation of IDS components according to the standards formulated by IDSA (International Data Spaces Association), regulates the secure and sovereign exchange of data, as a key tool to promote and enable information and business transactions between entities globally.
Olatz Mediavilla

IDSA implementations should be reliable and robust. To this end, data exchange is encouraged among certified entities using certified core components (e.g. IDS Connectors). The SQS validation facility oversees independently the validation of the various commercial components developed by European companies across different sectors (logistics and transport, development of medical and pharmaceutical products, etc.). SQS is also responsible for preparing the corresponding evaluation report, which will be sent to IDSA for subsequent certification.

SQS is currently working in the evaluation of different components. It aims at broaden and intensify the commercial offer into the market by the end of June.

Hence, the following benefits can be achieved when hiring the services of SQS accredited evaluation facility:

  1. To build IDSA compliant architectures and systems
  2. To reduce development costs, as well as commissioning costs for IDS-based components;
  3. To guarantee that the developed applications are reliable in different operational environments
  4. To favour the commercialization of IDS-compliant components and, therefore, increase the return on investment.

SQS´ IDSA accredited evaluation facility is part of the Quality as a Service (QaaS) services offered by SQS, and as such it benefits from:

  1. Remotely offered services, with the possibility to sign the deal and access to the service immediately.
  2. Controlled costs and perfect alignment and coordination with the client company´s development.
  3. A team of highly qualified engineers who have access to the latest methodologies and components specially designed for the validation of IDSA components
  4. Constant communication with clients, which is guaranteed via the use of different tools and complete traceability of the processes.

To create the IDSA evaluation facility, SQS have faced a number of challenges, such as developing an evaluation process with detailed methods to develop the different activities, selecting, and designing support tools and setting up a dedicated test infrastructure.

In view of the activities to be performed, three test environments have been deployed:

  1. Simulated Environment to facilitate a through testing of isolated components
  2. Interoperability test environment with real components, to validate the
  3. interoperability of a component within a reference test architecture.

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Author: Olatz Mediavilla
Olatz Mediavilla is a Telecommunications Engineer and Quality Assurance Tester at SQS.

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