“Linking Data Sovereignty and Data Economy” awarded best paper

Mar 7, 2022 | News

At the prestigious International Conference on Business Informatics WI22, the paper “Linking Data Sovereignty and Data Economy: Arising Areas of Tension” received the Best Paper Award for the most convincing article.

The paper was created as part of the DaWID project.

DaWID helps people to understand and control how data is used in digital services provided by companies. It also gives them a sense of the value of their data by assigning a monetary amount to each data release. This establishes data-centric value chains and enables collaboration and business models. The basis for all data processes is the International Data Spaces architecture.

Likewise, the paper addresses the use of personal data by companies. The authors aim to strengthen the position of individuals in data ecosystems by linking the concepts of data sovereignty and the data economy. The focus is on ten areas of tension that arise when data sovereignty and the data economy are linked. Proposed solutions could resolve these tensions, contributing to knowledge on the development of fair data ecosystems that promote both individual sovereignty and corporate access to data.

View the paper on ResearchGate: www.researchgate.net

More about DaWID: www.internationaldataspaces.org/blog

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