May 21, 2024 – May 23, 2024

IoT Solutions World Congress 2024 | Testbed: Sensors, robots, drones plus data spaces

At the IoT Solutions World Congress 2024, you’ll have access to the latest insights and best practices from thought leaders across the industry, as well as exclusive previews of cutting-edge technologies and game-changing innovations.

At the heart of this event, IDSA will showcase an insightful data space in the testbed area of the IoT Solutions World Congress: “Sensors, robots, drones plus data spaces | The data-driven revolution in agriculture” will be introduced, powered by IDSA and VTT, facilitated by FlexiGroBots. This pioneering project merges robotics with the transformative power of data spaces to revolutionize agriculture. Through the integration of IoT devices like sensors, drones, and robots, it seeks to establish a seamless data flow throughout the entire agricultural process, from sowing to growth monitoring to harvesting. This innovative approach aims to redefine field management and unlock substantial economic potential in the agricultural sector. Find us and join us at testbed booth D40.

On top, do not miss out on Sonia Jiménez, our Director of Data Space Technology at the International Data Spaces Association: Sonia Jiménez will hold a keynote address at the event, discuss “Data spaces as enablers for secure and sovereign data sharing” and shed light on the crucial role of data spaces in facilitating secure and sovereign data sharing.

Join us at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2024 and discover what it takes to thrive in the new world of innovation and disruption!


Date(s): May 21, 2024 – May 23, 2024
All Day Europe/Berlin

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