January 25, 2021

Data Sharing Winter School – a Live Stream Success Story

The first Data Sharing Winter School gathered almost 200 participants over three days. It gave the floor to high-level experts and exceptional guests. An unprecedented diversity of speakers and participants attended the event and gave the organisers – including IDSA – new ideas for future activities.
Antoine Garnier

The Data Sharing Winter School in numbers: 12 sessions presented by 35 experts, attended by 200 participants over 3 days, from 2–4 December 2020. Just like a complete curriculum. From architecture to data quality and from interoperability to data sovereignty – a wide range of topics covering data sharing have been discussed during the Winter School.

More than 35 well-known experts accepted to present their work mixing theoretical analysis with concrete examples to shed some light on a complex but urgent matter: “how to share data without compromise, not losing the control over my assets?”. This vast issue kept 198 unique participants on the edge of their seats over three consecutive days. The agenda was packed but the attention stayed high thanks to side activities and possibilities to directly interact with the experts despite a context that completely modified our initial ideas.

A certain something

The COVID crisis has led us to take the school online and thus to give up any physical interaction, although it often adds that certain something to such events. Meeting people was difficult last year and we spent a lot of time in front of our computers. The Winter School was no exception. Nevertheless, it gave us the opportunity to invite exceptional guests like Sophie Proust, CTO of Atos, or Hans-Dieter Lucas, German Ambassador to France, to share inspiring thoughts and introduce our discussions. And it allowed people from 24 different countries to participate in our event.

People from Asia, Africa and Europe visit the school to learn more about sovereign data exchange. All this was only made possible by the special online format. This first edition of the Data Sharing Winter School and the feedback we have received has made us think about a new edition this year. The motivation is high and together with the organizers, we are looking forward to the next months. We have many new ideas for the future, about the school and its format, we would like to see it evolve as the context becomes more favourable.

Keep in touch, we will inform everyone about new activities very soon.

Author: Antoine Garnier
Antoine Garnier is Senior Project Manager at International Data Spaces Association.

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