The Role of IDS in Implementing the European Data Strategy

Jun 4, 2020 | News

The IDS initiative is ready to take responsibility for implementing the European Data Strategy. Details are published in the new position paper: “Implementing the European Strategy on Data. Role of the International Data Spaces (IDS)”. 

The recently published EU data strategy creates a vision of European data spaces governed by rules that are derived directly from fundamental European values. The IDS standard is an indispensable element for such a trustworthy data sharing infrastructure in Europe – enabling the creation of all kinds of data spaces, data sharing ecosystems and marketplaces based on data sovereignty.  

Make the vision of European data spaces a reality

Against this backdrop, IDSA welcomes a strong interaction with the EU Commission on its data strategy. What does this mean in concrete terms? IDS will contribute technology, provide data infrastructure services to the operation of the European Data Spaces as well as advisory to the European Data Act and a network to support knowledge sharing. 

“In doing so, the implementation of the European Data Strategy will benefit from an established network of expertise, data spaces knowledge embodied in a mature reference architecture model, and software artefacts ready to use, which will speed up »time to market« of strategy implementation”, the paper reads. 

To make the vision of European data spaces a reality, IDSA is asking for the support of EU policy makers to help leverage the initiative’s full potential for the benefit of data sovereignty in Europe. The details are published in the position paper: “Implementing the European Strategy on Data. Role of the International Data Spaces IDS” and in the background article: “Data Spaces as Core of the Implementation of the European Strategy on Data and Europe’s Digital Future”.

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