“Strengthening European Digital Competitiveness in Industry”

Jan 14, 2020 | News

Germany and the Netherlands decide to cooperate closely on European data infrastructure

Germany and the Netherlands look at successful concepts for industrial data exchange, such as the IDS standard for sovereign data sharing. The German and Dutch concepts complement each other very well – a potential that both countries now want to exploit. On January 15th, 2020, at the “Strengthening European Digital Competitiveness in Industry” event at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, they will decide on a close cooperation.

With the GAIA-X concept, German government has put a common European data infrastructure and its importance on the agenda. A digital infrastructure which is based on European values and which puts data sovereignty at the core. To achieve this, the expertise that initiatives such as International Data Spaces (IDS), German Edge Cloud and the Plattform Industrie 4.0 have built up will be used.

“A setup with a reference architecture including communication standards, a legal basis and the use of a clearing house has been defined which will be based on the technology of the IDS to ensure that communication on this platform is absolutely secure”

Peter van Harten, Smart Industry Ambassador of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands themselves are successful with practice-oriented initiatives in the areas of data exchange and smart industry: iShare, a data sharing contract system initiated by the logistics industry, Joindata from the agricultural sector and the Smart Industry Programme for digitally networked production chains.

The Dutch practice-oriented approach to data exchange and smart industry, as well as data sovereignty and data infrastructure “made in Germany”, mutually reinforce each other and thus help to implement GAIA-X at European level.

The event “Strengthening European Digital Competitiveness in Industry” on January 15th, 2020 at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin provides the framework for the start of cooperation.

There, German-Dutch working groups will be formed – each for GAIA-X/data exchange, energy, industry and mobility – to bring the cooperation to life.

Both countries will introduce their common vision of a smart and secure European data infrastructure.

In pitch sessions, both countries will also present their common ideas of:
…sovereign data exchange – by the Dutch Data Deel Coalitie and the International Data Spaces Association,
…smart industry data – by the Dutch Smart Industry Initiative and its German counterpart.

For more details on the sovereign exchange of data: Brochure “IDS – A standard for Data Sovereignty and an Indispensable element of Data Ecosystems

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