Six new board members enlarge the global impact of IDSA

Jun 7, 2023 | News

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) has announced that six outstanding professionals have joined the executive board, bringing with them a wealth of expertise and diverse backgrounds in industries such as automotive, telecommunications, technology, and applied research. Their mission? To help IDSA establish a global standard for data sovereignty and expand its presence across all regions of the world where data spaces are being developed.

“With these impressive professionals joining the team, IDSA is sure to make an even bigger impact in its mission to establish a global standard for data sovereignty,” said IDSA CEO Lars Nagel. “We are thrilled to have such a committed and diverse group of individuals on board to ensure that IDSA continues to cover every region of the world and all domains where data spaces are being developed.”

Ute Burkhardt, a seasoned logistics professional from Volkswagen, brings over 30 years of expertise in revolutionize supply chains and logistics through digitalization. She successfully manages multiple projects within IDSA and Catena-X, while also actively participating in IDSA events as an IDS evangelist and speaker.

Olivier Colas, the visionary leader at Microsoft, heads a global team of esteemed engineers and architects. His role involves shaping the future of data, AI, and digital safety by developing standards, specifications, and certifications. Olivier Colas brings significant contributions to IDSA’s mission of fostering trustful data sharing.

Christoph Gerkum from T-Systems drives data innovation by spearheading a range of data-related projects and products. Through the Data Intelligence Hub, T-Systems provides customers with an all-encompassing IDS-based data ecosystem that enables businesses to embark on a seamless journey towards digital transformation.

Jesus de la Maza from Innovalia Association provides expert support for SMEs looking to internationalize and has helped establish European data spaces for media, manufacturing, and construction. SMEs benefit from his profound knowledge and guidance throughout their internationalization process.

Akira Sakaino, the dedicated Evangelist at NTT Communications Corporation is a driving force behind energy management, IoT, control system security, and global data sharing ecosystems based on IDS. His leadership spearheads international joint projects, fostering cross-company data sharing for decarbonization and circular economy initiatives. Akira’s passion accelerates sustainable innovation and global collaboration.

Berry Vetjens is the Business Development and Portfolio Manager for TNO, where he drives the development of digital innovation initiatives. With a wealth of experience in managing public-private innovation ecosystems, Berry plays a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation across Dutch initiatives like 5Groningen and Delft Internet of Things Lab. His strategic vision transforms the landscape of technology advancement in the Netherlands.

The new board members will succeed Antje Williams from Deutsche Telekom, Henk-Jan Vink from TNO, André Radon from Volkswagen Group/Seat Code, and Michael ten Hompel from Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML. “We commend them for their hard work and unwavering commitment over the years, and we are truly grateful for their invaluable contributions towards the success of the association,” said Lars Nagel.

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