Dec 15, 2017 | News

The Industrial Data Space Association was present at the very first Fiware Summit. And this event saw the user association returning to the exhibition and congress centre in Malaga: at the Fiware Tech Summit from 28 to 29 November 2017, the Industrial Data Space Association was there for its own summit together with many of its member companies. These included PwC, Fraunhofer IZI-BB, Data Ahead GmbH, Atos, innovalia, Politecnico Di Milano, i2cat, Fraunhofer IML, tecnalia and Fraunhofer IAIS.

The “First Summit of the Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA) and the Spanish Industria Conectada 4.0 initiative” was the result of a joint effort with FIWARE, the Spanish IDSA member, the Spanish Government and the Industria Conectada 4.0 (the Spanish Industry 4.0 initiative). One entire afternoon was dedicated to the integration of the initiatives and on new use cases that could arise from close cooperation in a Spanish IDSA hub.

Lars Nagel, Managing Director of the Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA), introduced the vision of a secure and sovereign data space. Afterwards, an application-oriented use case from the electronics industry was presented by the IDSA member company Data Ahead GmbH. Two flagship projects from the IDSA presented international solutions: Boost 4.0, presented by Oscar Lazaro from Innovalia in Spain, and MIDIH, presented by Sergio Guzmeroli from Politecnico Di Milano in Italy.

Further topics at the summit were “Relevant coordination initiatives for Digitising European Industry”, investigating the significance of IDS from the point of view of Hubert Tardieu, CEO Advisor at Atos with “Multi-side Markets and Business Models in the new Digital Industry Era“ and the presentation of the two new use cases at Fiware by Ulrich Ahle that are to be demonstrated as the first open source implementation of the IDS architecture at the Hannover Messe. Presentations about the Industry 4.0 initiative in Spain by representatives of the Spanish Ministry, Banco Santander, Tecnalia and Ametic followed, before a panel discussion closed the programme.

“This joint summit demonstrates how much potential and willingness there is with respect to all Spanish stakeholders to implement Industrial Data Space in the Spanish economy and to provide for the further dissemination of the IDS idea through an own eco-system”, explained Lars Nagel after the successful congress appearance in Malaga.

On the last day of the Fiware Tech Summit, Ulrich Grauvogel from Dataahead produced another highlight when he gave a high-profile, thought-provoking presentation about democratising data.

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