January 22, 2020

Now, IDS is at a Market-Ready Level

After welcoming the audience to the 2nd IDSA Winterdays, CEO Lars Nagel described the internationalization progress of the International Data Spaces (IDS) by giving profound insights to key facts and figures. On one figure he remarked: “We are now at the market-ready level. It showed that more than 50 projects were started by different member companies; each project is trying to reach market maturity.
Mert Gülec, IDSA

“We make it IDSable”

“We make it IDSable” – This statement applies to four use case, Lars Nagel introduced and described. For example, the IIC testbed “Smart Factory Web”, which enables flexible assignment and sharing of production resources and is a basis for marketplaces for manufacturing. The Smart Factory Web integrates the IDS usage control concepts and an IDS connector. It is a solution for a secure and sovereign marketplace realized with IDS components.

IDS solutions are not only for members and this is a good sign

The different IDS solutions come from different IDSA member companies and are used by different companies. Since there is a huge amount of ongoing processes, Lars Nagel showed the IDS solution map to give an overview of the IDS components and of companies using them. The aim is to make commercial solutions out of them. The solution map will soon be displayed on our website.

Becoming a global standard

In another part of his presentation, Lars Nagel talked about data sharing. He highlighted topics like the Go-Live-Strategy, Liaisons and Standardization. Regarding Standardization: The DIN SPEC 27070, which officially confirms IDS being a standard, is finished and will be published in the near future; based on this the IDS standard will now be transferred to ISO to become a global standard.

Enabler for data sharing ecoystems

Furthermore, Lars Nagel described the evolution from the IDS_ready asssessment to the IDS certification. He also talked about data sharing ecosystems, which need a secure data infrastructure and data sovereignty as enablers. For the GAIA-X project it has just been recognized that IDS is exactly this enabler. In the last step Lars Nagel came back to internationalization: 9 hubs in 9 countries provide enormous support in helping IDS gain international recognition and application.

Market-readiness, IDSable, global standard, enabler for data sharing ecosystems – with his presentation, Lars Nagel put the audience in the mood for what followed on the second day of the IDSA Winterdays: The IDSA wants to achieve a holistic adoption of the IDS standard.

For the presention slides of Lars Nagel and all other speakers at the 2nd IDSA Winterdays: https://www.internationaldataspaces.org/idsa-winterdays/

Author: Mert Gülec, IDSA

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