Apr 10, 2018 | News

For more than two years the Industrial Data Space Association has been pooling the requirements for Industrial Data Space, organising knowledge exchange between the science and business communities and developing guidelines for certification, standardisation and exploitation. And it is not only the development and establishment of Industrial Data Space continuously that has progressed so much during this time.

The user association and its members have also achieved a great deal, setting new priorities and developing strategies. This is now also reflected in the new name of the association that was decided at the general meeting in Frankfurt on 22 March 2018. As “International Data Spaces Association” (still abbreviated as IDSA), a new chapter has begun in the history of the user association.

“The new name lives up to the current mission and objectives of the IDSA,” Lars Nagel, Management Director of the IDSA head office is convinced. In the end, the development of Industrial Data Space does not focus on a single data space but on the plurality and coexistence of secure and certified data spaces for data exchange. Depending on the different application scenarios, and the target group/sector and requirement profiles, these are all developing individually. Currently, a Medical Data Space, a Logistics Data Space and a Farm & Food DataSpace are being developed – the classic manufacturing industry will be organised as Industrial Data Space in future, under the new umbrella of the International Data Spaces Association.

“The main focus of our strategy is internationalisation. And we intend to make data available from all application scenarios, industries and ecosystems“, explains Nagel. “We are pushing forward the development of Industrial Data Space internationally, presenting our objectives worldwide and working on a solution that can be deployed beyond country borders. Now, this aspect is reflected clearly in the name of the association.”

Officially, the user association will be presenting itself for the first time as the International Data Spaces Association at the Hannover Messe in April. The new name will also be adorning the association’s own booth, exhibits and information material there.

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