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Press releases

IDSA Press Release | IDSA and iSHARE Foundation strengthen collaboration

IDSA Press Release | March 14, 2024

IDSA press release | IDSA drives Dataspace Protocol to release 1.0 in Eclipse governance framework

IDSA press release | ISO standard on data spaces officially registered

IDSA press release | IDSA announces formation of Eclipse Dataspace Working Group

Key visuals

Mia takes control

IDS testbed communication kit

Minimum viable data space

IDS Infographic: Data Sharing in a Data Space

March 2021

Senior leadership team

Lars Nagel IDSA

Lars Nagel

Chief Executive Officer

Thorsten Huelsmann

Chief Financial Officer

Sebastian Steinbuss

Sebastian Steinbuss

Chief Technology Officer 

Sonia Jimenez

Sonia Jimenez Moreno

Director Data Space Technology

Silvia Castellvi IDSA

Silvia Castellvi

Director Research & Standardization

Christoph Mertens IDSA

Christoph Mertens

Head of Adoption

Tobias Prasse IDSA

Tobias Prasse

Director Marketing & Communications


IDSA_Anil Turkmayali_How to become a contributor to IDS

Anil Turkmayali: How to become a contributor to IDS Open Source?

IDSA_Anil Turkmayali_What is IDS Open

Anil Turkmayali: What is IDS Open Source?

IDSA_Silvia Castellvi_Design Principles for Data

Silvia Castellvi: Design Principles for Data Spaces

Christoph Mertens: Data spaces are reshaping industries

Sebastian Steinbuss: IDS RAM - blueprint for building data spaces

Sonia Jimenez Moreno: IDS Certification: the basis of trust

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Most important documents

IDS Reference Architecture Model

Version 4.0 | 2022

IDSA Rulebook

Version 2 | 2023

The Data Spaces Radar

Version 3 | October 2023

Design Principles for Data Spaces

Position Paper 2021