May 10, 2021

TRUSTS & Safe-DEED | Webinar: Business Aspects of Data Markets

Data-driven solutions will radically transform today’s business models in the near future. With three business-oriented use cases, TRUSTS will test how current and future challenges can be adapted. Find out which impressions TRUSTS has already gathered and join their webinar on 10 May.

Ioannis Markopoulos, (Forthnet, TRUSTS & Safe-DEED) and Gianna Avgousti (EBOS & TRUSTS) will talk about the future of business with data markets, about their transformative potentials and how they could benefit businesses. Besides, they will present solutions from the TRUSTS business use cases.

There will be an open Q&A session afterwards.

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Date(s): May 10, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC+2

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