January 27, 2022

Panel discussion: Emmet 2.0

Sharing Makes the World Go Round – How do we build a data ecosystem for the mobility of the future in Germany?

The development of innovations thrives on collaboration. That’s why we are launching the new Emmett network – the platform for the exchange of knowledge and data on mobility. Before the launch, we will be holding a panel discussion on the fundamental question of how cooperation can work in the field of data-driven mobility.

Topic of the panel discussion

A new era is beginning in the mobility industry: many data-driven mobility services are about to enter the market. New technologies are developing rapidly, but also pose challenges for the industry. E-cars are dependent on a charging infrastructure, connected and autonomous driving requires countless cameras, sensors, servers and real-time communication. Equally high are the political and legal requirements, especially for data exchange and use.

Individual providers or municipalities alone will not be able to meet these challenges. Cooperation, joint development and exchange of experience are therefore the order of the day. This also applies to data: Without smooth exchange, no service, no matter how intelligent, will work. However, the companies in the mobility industry are not alone in this task: science, politics and civil society are also in demand.

Where many actors come together, questions inevitably arise:
– How can cooperation best succeed?
– What role does (open) data play in this context?
– How do we really involve all stakeholders in this process?
We will discuss these and other questions with experts during the panel discussion. Among others, Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Director of the Fraunhofer ISST, will also speak.
Register here: pretix.eu | LinkedIn (Please note that the event is in German)


Date(s): January 27, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+1

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