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October 27, 2022

OPEN DEI Final Event | Digital transformation: From platforms to data spaces

About this event

OPEN DEI strives to implement all efforts to benefit the target projects’ ecosystem in more than 35 projects in four domains: manufacturing, agriculture, energy and healthcare and beyond.

OPEN DEI has embraced the transformation of digitalization and supports the challenges and impacts of digital platforms and data platforms as well as data spaces. In addition, OPEN DEI supports data platforms to evolve into data spaces. To develop this task, we have defined two strategies:

  • Task Forces to collectively address mid to long term challenges initiated by current projects but to be fully implemented through next generation HEP or DEP initiatives (e.g. Data Spaces; Business Ecosystems; Twin Transition)
  • Working Groups that specifically address short term issues and contribute to the projects’ objectives and deliverables.

The final event of OPEN DEI will demonstrate the results achieved by the entire OPEN DEI community and will initiate interesting discussions on the topic of digital transformation in the 4 domains: It’s opportunities and challenges.

We will briefly present the key enablers to support companies in their digital transformation:

  • Data spaces building blocks for co-creation
  • Building a data-driven business ecosystem
  • Architectures for digital platforms and interoperability
  • Impact of digital transformation on business

In an interactive workshop we will discuss the sustainability of the OPEN DEI results. We will provide an overview of where we are, what is missing and most importantly, how the missing challenges or gaps can be further worked on.

These conclusions will be an interesting input for the European Commission and a short report with recommendations.

The outcome of the event will be a strategic roadmap for digital transformation and data spaces and a recommendation how to move forward.

More details and registration: eventbrite.de


Date(s): October 27, 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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