March 15, 2023

Industrialized countries on the way to massive upheaval through online services?

The process of identifying and designing business models for industrial smart services, i.e., data-based, digital services, is complex and error-prone. On the way from the interesting idea to the first satisfied customer and the first invoice, many pitfalls lurk and many hurdles have to be overcome.

A concrete example is “Smart Maintenance”: Technology is not perfect – a machine, a car or a heating system stops working, material fatigue, cracks or fractures appear. The traditional practice is to prevent damage and consequential damage by means of fixed maintenance intervals. But even better would undoubtedly be continuous automated monitoring with maintenance on demand, which is neither too early nor too late and promises enormous cost savings… If one takes a look at the cost calculations of maintenance-intensive industries to see how much effort is spent on “normal” maintenance, then it becomes apparent that remote maintenance with features such as “preventive monitoring” to “avoid errors before they occur” offers many opportunities.

But remote services are also likely to open up many new application possibilities and thus business potential in other areas, whether in the administration of resources, the sale and management of services-on-demand or the systematic use of sensor technology, AR and VR.

The aim of the event is, on the one hand, to provide an overview of a pragmatic approach, the available proven models, tools and best practices and, on the other hand, to present solution components that have proven their function as a success factor. Last but not least, with the help of successful use cases, examples are to be given that encourage the concretization of strategies in this regard.

Julien Adelberger, Project Coordinator National Research & Innovation Projects at IDSA, will tell you about how to deal with data spaces.

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Date(s): March 15, 2023
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm UTC+01:00

Blockchain Reallabor
An d. Hasenkaule 10/Halle 6,
Hürth, 50354

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