June 26, 2023

DSSC Insight Series | Governance for data spaces

In the upcoming DSSC Insight Series webinar on June 26, the Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities (DS4SSCC), DATES and PrepDSpace4Mobility will jointly go into detail on the topic of the “Governance of Data Spaces”.

The webinar aims to bring together stakeholders from the DSSC specialized in data governance aspects as well as stakeholders in various domains to explore the governance approaches and share experiences in managing data spaces. By showcasing use-cases on sustainable mobility, energy flow management, pollution, and tourism, the webinar aims to contribute to the development of effective governance guidelines for data.


  • Overview of data spaces and governance frameworks | Leona King, KU Leuven from DSSC (lead of Governance TG)
  • Use case on tourism by DATES | Dolores Ordóñez, AnySolution
  • Use cases on sustainable mobility & energy flow management by DS4SSCC | Justine Gangneux, Eurocities
  • Use case on transport and mobility by PrepDSpace4Mobility | Charlotte Ducuing , KU Leuven Use case on how to tackle pollution issues by GREAT Green Deal Data Space | Marta Gutierrez David, EGI Foundation

Register here: web.zoom.us/webinar/register


Date(s): June 26, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Europe/Berlin

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