October 24, 2022 – October 27, 2022

Digital Transformation Summit

European Commission sets out the vision for Europe’s Digital Decade by 2030 proposing the Digital Compass, that revolves around four cardinal points: Government, Infrastructures, Skills and Businessess.

The Madeira’s Digital Transformation Summit responds to this challenge in a forum where the EU’s Digital strategy is debated to achieve the visionary objectives at European and regional levels. Bringing together recognised individualities from the European Commission, Government, Academia and Industry, The Summit sets the scene for a human-centric vision in a digital society. Needs, expectations, developments and innovative solutions will be discussed aiming at digitally empowering citizens and businesses to improve, grow, innovate and compete on fair terms, while achieving climate neutrality.


Covering a wide range of digital transformation areas including Healh, Manufacturing, Maritime, Smart Cities and Energy as well as the full set of digital services being created and offered via the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs.


Discussing Horizontal Challenges for unlocking Digital Transformation potencial. At technical side ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Cybersecurity and at Societal level including Digital Literacy, Skills and Social Inclusion.


Joining policy makers, authorities, industry, researchers and the community of users in a unique high level discussion and networking forum, supported by research and innovation cooperation mechanisms, that will pave the way for the next digital generation.

IDSA ist joining the event and sends out Sonia Jimenez, Senior Consultant at the IDSA, and Carlos Gonzáles, Community Manager at IDSA, as speaker.

For more information please visit Digital Transformation Summit


Date(s): October 24, 2022 – October 27, 2022
All Day UTC+01:00

Savoy Palace Meeting Rooms
Av. do Infante 25
Funchal, 9004-542

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