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May 27, 2021

BDVA Data Week 2021 | Workshop: Data Logistics for AI

Data sharing is already a challenge but data sharing for AI brings about some additional complexities, like enabling the training of models while maintaining data sovereignty. Because of the complexity, this is more than data sharing so we call it “data logistics”. Data logistics for AI breaks down functionalities in manageable applications easing the challenge of responsible data sharing for AI.

The workshop aims to chart the challenges of data logistics for AI, to present some innovative developments to address those challenges, and to identify how the solution is firmly are embedded in European Data Spaces.

For example, Giulia Giussani from the International Data Spaces Association will explain the IDS standard for data sovereignty and why sovereign data sharing is essential in data logistics. Ruslan Bernijazov from Fraunhofer IEM will present the ambitious AI Marketplace, a data marketplace that brings together producers, service providers, and researchers to work together to revolutionize product creation with artificial intelligence. The AI marketplace is a use case for the IDS standard.

The workshop does not want to be complete in its definition of “Data Logistics for AI”, instead, the audience is invited to contribute to this first chart of the territory. The approach presented has emerged from the Dutch program on AI (NL AI Coalitie), but since AI cannot be applied in a meaningful way without international collaboration, it needs to be synchronized with the European community.

Register here: www.big-data-value.eu/dw21-registration


Date(s): May 27, 2021
9:30 am - 11:00 am UTC+2

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