April 7, 2021

AMable Experience Lab

AMable Experience Labs

AMable offers AMable Experience Labs at partner sites’ so that you can take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Additive Manufacturing. In these sessions, AMable looks at functional parts with any material from plastics across metals to ceramics.

In the Experience Labs, you will learn

  • which are the main 3d printing technologies
  • which materials can I use
  • what do I need to do for a good design
  • what is the cost of printing
  • how to get parts printed


A major focus of the events is the discussion about the benefits of AM. What needs to be considered in design and construction to make a product really innovative. Experts will talk about stories where this went wrong and also explain why other examples are more than successful in using AM.

AMable (virtual) Experience Lab events available now!

AMable is very happy to announce online sessions of the AMable (virtual) Experience Lab. It cannot replace a face-to-face event. But AMable designed a program that will help you to engage with additive manufacturing.

Free registration & more information: Click here.


Date(s): April 7, 2021
All Day UTC

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