September 6, 2022

Agriculture Data Space Event

An enormous digitalisation effort is underway in the agri-food sector. Agricultural and horticultural companies produce a tremendous amount of products every day, but more and more also a mass of data. It is generally known that this data only has value if it is shared, brought together and then converted into useful applications or advice.

Therefore, throughout the entire chain from farm to fork, traditional supply companies such as machinery constructors and agrochemists, as well as new players, are positioning themselves on this subject, as the data economy constitutes a new growth driver for them. They are deploying digital tools and new data-driven applications, aiming as end-user not only farmers or AgriFood business but also the consumers. To scale up and make optimal use of this data revolution in the near future, the willingness to share data between all AgriFood supply chain partners is crucial to keep innovating.

The Gaia-X framework allows for creating a sovereign and federated agricultural data space that can be deployed confidently and at scale. Moreover, the Gaia-X framework federates existing data initiatives and ensures data sharing over the full supply chain from Farm to Fork. So indeed, the European agriculture data space cannot be an isolated data space as agriculture and food are not isolated but connected to other domains like public sector, energy, mobility, health, and so forth. In this event, we want to understand their common needs and challenges and define how Gaia-X can support in taking steps toward this common agricultural data space.

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Date(s): September 6, 2022
10:00 am - 3:30 pm UTC+1

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