January 27, 2022

EUHubs4Data: Building a Data Space for Digital Innovation Hubs

Innovation is a hallmark of today’s society. However, more than that: being an innovator has become an increasing necessity. To help foster the collaboration between data-driven innovators in Europe, IDSA takes part in a pioneering project: The European federation of data-driven digital innovation hubs – EUHubs4Data.

EUHubs4Data is an Innovation Action project co-funded by the European Union to set up the European reference federation for data-driven information and experimentation. The project is creating a federation of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and drawing their solutions together in a European catalogue of data sources and federated data-driven services and solutions. This catalogue will be made accessible especially to European SMEs, start-ups and web entrepreneurs through the Data Innovation Hubs.

Federation of Digital Innovation Hubs

With the objective of serving as a reference to the establishment of the Common European Data Spaces, the federation is initially composed of 12 Digital Innovation Hubs, covering 10 countries and 12 different regions. These Digital Innovation Hubs are conducive to meeting people who interact, create, undertake, work and innovate together in a network.

To provide easy, cross-border access to datasets and facilitate data sharing, EUHubs4Data creates a data space for research, development and innovation. This data space is both, a comprehensive IDS test environment and a reference data space for businesses.

To support this process, IDSA helps to implement technical components and a governance model. The goal is to achieve interoperability between private and public data sources and between different data infrastructures.

A collaborative environment for innovation

The innovation hubs focus on developing innovative products, services and training in a specific area of their innovation community, taking targeted actions to help overcome key challenges in that field. In this collaborative environment, there is a vast exchange of knowledge. And, in addition, to sharing views and strategies with the aim of developing joint solutions or even offering the market new technologies.

This marks the strategic importance for IDSA: Digital Innovation Hubs will become multipliers that can not only show how a data space and its components are implemented and work. They also demonstrate the business benefits of data spaces and guide companies to generate concrete data-based business models.

2nd open call for SMEs, startups and web entrepreneurs

EUHubs4Data has allocated 5.8M Euros to provide support to third parties to undertake a set of data-driven cross-border experiments through three rounds of open calls.

In the second open call, EUHubs4Data invites SMEs (including start-ups) and groups of web entrepreneurs to propose experiments that make use of the EUHubsData federated catalogue of data-driven services and datasets for the development of innovative products or advanced services.

Apply now: https://euh4d.digitalsme.eu/

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